Bruising For No Reason

Top 10 Ways To Deal With Bruising For No Reason

Usually a person gets a bruise from some form of impact to the skin.  So, why then do some people seem to have bruising for no reason?  When certain individuals bruise easier than others it is generally an indication of poor health, delicate capillaries and the inability to create collagen.  Most frequently it is the deficiency of certain nutrients.  Many elderly people often suffer from bruising for no reason due to their poor diet.  Also, people who have lost a lot of weight rapidly bruise easily because the capillaries that used to be there to supply blood are now gone.

Deficiency in nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin K and Zinc appear to be the most common causes.  Eating too few of fruits is a huge factor in this.  Taking drugs and smoking depletes the body of vitamin C as well as outburst of anger and exposure to allergens and pollutants.

It is important to understand that vitamin C is depleted when your body is trying to get rid of drugs, allergens and pollutants.  Vitamin K is made in your intestines but it is depleted by taking antibiotics when you are sick.  As it is essential to have vitamins and nutrients to be healthy, some, such as Zinc can actually interfere with your body absorbing other minerals though.  Zinc supplements should only be taken under your doctor's supervision and only for a short time.  There are a few easy remedies that you can use when you find yourself bruising for no reason.

  1. Arnica – applying arnica gel every few hours will eliminate bruising.  Arnica is more often used for muscle aches and pain but works wonderfully for bruising.
  1. Vitamin K – rubbing a cream that contains vitamin K in it on your bruise helps your body to break down blood and reabsorb it.  The rubbing helps speed up the process.
  1. Vitamin C – increasing your vitamin C intake whether it is through supplements or a bit of added fruit in your diet can really aid in eliminating bruising for no reason.  Your body works hard in eliminating pollutants from your body so a little added vitamin C can really have great benefits.
  1. Witch hazel – applying a bit of witch hazel as a cool compress will help relieve bruising and swelling.
  1. Apple butter – yes, the stuff you eat is a great home remedy.  Applying it immediately after you get bruised can help cure it.  The keyword here is immediately.  This will not work on already established bruises.
  1. Mustard, honey & onion – create a mixture of two parts mustard, one part honey and one part very finely chopped up onion.  Apply this like a paste on the bruise and cover it with a band-aid. Leave this to marinate a while before rinsing away.
  1. Vinegar – make a compress and soak it in vinegar and then apply the compress to the bruise. This helps to alleviate discoloration caused from bruising for no reason.
  1. Pepper – applying a black pepper oil some how works to draw the blood away from the bruise, ultimately curing it.
  1. Zinc – a short term dosage of Zinc supplements under medical supervision from your doctor can help your body combat bruising.
  1. Quit smoking – smoking leaches the vitamin C out f your body.  One cigarette can cause 25mg of vitamin C to be depleted from your body.  Your body is using all of its consumed vitamin C to eliminate these toxins, leaving nothing less for healthy benefits.  This is just one more reason on the list of hundred to quit smoking.

There are many easy things you can do to help fade bruising which are always helpful to know.  More importantly, making positive changes in vitamin intake and a healthy lifestyle can eliminate the chance of your body bruising for no reason.