Unexplained Bruises

What You Need to Know About Unexplained Bruises

Bruising occurs when the skin is injured and blood vessels are broke. The blood vessels leak out and into the skin causing discoloration. Sometimes they are swollen and their coloring changes over the life of the bruise as it heals. Bruising usually occurs from bumping into things with force or from forceful trauma to the body. Sometimes people find unexplained bruises on their body. They can’t recall falling down or bumping into anything and yet they have bruising.

A few unexplained bruises is nothing to be concerned about. Some people bruise easier than others and sometimes bruise happen from just a slight bump into the desk or chair. The event that caused the bruising was not memorable but the bruise occurred anyway.

On the other hand, there are times when unexplained bruises should be examined. They can be a symptom of a health condition that warrants medical consultation. Leukemia, hemophilia, internal bleeding, and autoimmune diseases are just a few of the diseases that could be the underlying cause of unexplained bruises.  If bruising is persistent with no apparent cause for the bruising a physician should be consulted to determine the cause of the bruising.

Certain medications can also cause unexplained bruising. Blood thinners, ibuprofen and aspirin are among the common medications that can make individuals more susceptible to bruising. People who take these medications should seek medical attention for any injury because they could have internal bleeding in addition to bruising.

Bruising should not be ignored if they are showing up on parts of the body that would not normally bump into things or if they are happening repeatedly. Internal bleeding can cause bruising that is unusual. If a bruise doesn’t go away in four to five days it should be looked at by a physician.

Elderly people are prone to unexplained bruises simply due to their skin becoming thinner as they age. I addition, many elderly people are on blood thinners or take aspirin for their hearts. These individuals should be monitored to make sure they are not experiencing excessive skin tears with the bruising and that they are not falling.

Unexplained bruising can also be a sign of abuse. Women and children are the most common victims of abuse although it does occur in males as well. If a friend is always explaining away mysterious bruises there is a good possibility that abuse is occurring in the home. If it is a situation where a child has unexplained bruising, the appropriate authorities should be notified so that the child can be assessed and necessary steps taken to prevent future harm.

Unexplained bruising can often be easily explained by a medical professional who is able to diagnose the underlying cause; however, if there is not a medical cause for mysterious bruising there is the possibility of abuse which should be investigated.